Recent policy developments

Domestic violence disclosure scheme

The scheme, also referred to as ‘Clare’s Law’, launched in 2014. It aims to ensure police forces and other safeguarding agencies across the UK use recognised and consistent procedures for the disclosure of information, enabling partners of previously violent individuals to make informed choices on whether/how their relationship continues.

The scheme gives members of the public a formal mechanism to make enquires about an individual who they are in a relationship with or who is in a relationship with someone they

know, and there is a concern that the individual may be abusive towards their partner.

If police checks show that the individual has a record of abusive offences, or there is other information to indicate the person you know is at risk, the police will consider sharing this information with the potential victim.

Who can ask for a disclosure?

  • anyone can make an application about an individual who is in an intimate relationship with another person and where there is a concern that the individual may harm the other person
  • any concerned third party, such as a parent, neighbour or friend can make an application not just the potential victim; however,
  • a third party making an application would not receive the information about the individual concerned.

Applications can be made by contacting your local Police by phone on 101 or going into a Police Station.

Claire's Law Leaflet - Durham Police

Digital Stalking

Women’s Aid has teamed up with national stalking charity Network for Surviving Stalking to launch a practical guide for victims of stalking. ‘Digital stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims’ is an important resource for all stalking victims, including the many survivors of domestic violence who are being stalked by an ex-partner. It explains the wide range of technological risks for those being stalked, including use of Spyware on personal computers, tracking devices on mobile phones and tracking of information through social networking sites

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