Our Approach

YU7F0002Whilst we believe that everyone has the right to live free from abuse and violence, we make no judgement about those who find themselves in an abusive relationship. We will listen; assess the needs and risks facing a person or family and offer advice to suit the individual circumstances.


Our first concern is to help people to keep them self and any children safe so we offer advice on this to anyone who contacts us. Click for guidance on Keeping Safe.


We will use our professional judgement to assess the situation facing a client, and then ensure they are aware of all the options available to them. The choice of what to do next is always with the client. We will advise and provide information then support our client to take the steps they chose to make.


We will support anyone affected by domestic abuse in the areas where we work regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, age or other characteristic. We know that domestic abuse does not recognise these distinctions and can affect anyone.


Confidentiality is a really important part of our service. The addresses of our refuges are confidential; this keeps residents safe and enables us to keep delivering our services. 

In the main the content of support sessions is confidential within the service, with some exceptions, namely if someone discloses to us that a child or young person is at risk of serious harm or that they intend to harm themselves or another person, or if there is criminal activity involved. We will always try to gain consent to share this information and we would only share information if we feel that not doing so could cause further harm. 

Trust is a very important part of our work and our confidentiality policy will be explained to everyone we work with.