Those being abusive

Father with childrenHarbour provides services for those who have been abusive to a partner in County Durham, Darlington, Redcar and Cleveland, Hartlepool, Stockton on Tees, Northumberland and North Tyneside.

If you are worried that you have or might hurt someone you care about then there is help available.

Have you abused your partner or ex-partner in any of the following ways?

  • Called your partner names and put them down
  • Stopped your partner from seeing family and friends
  • Controlled your partner’s money
  • Threatened your partner or your children
  • Attacked your partner or partner’s family
  • Forced your partner to have sex
  • Used jealousy to control your partner
  • Smashed furniture or destroyed your partner’s belongings
  • Blamed your partner for the abuse

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to consider whether this is the person you want to be.

Facing up to abusive behaviour can be one of the most difficult things you do. It can also be one of the best. You might be blaming your partner, you might be blaming alcohol or financial problems – but you know, deep down, this is something you need to stop.

We have helped hundreds of people to learn to change their behaviour and have safer, healthier relationships. 

Man deep in thought

Who is this for?

Harbour’s services vary depending upon the area in which you live so you need to contact us to see what is available in your area.

Our main area of work on abusive behaviours is with men who have been abusive to a female partner.

How do I join?

You can contact us directly and arrange an initial meeting or you can be referred from an agency such as Social Services. We will invite you to meet with one of our team to discuss the changes you want to make.

What happens next?

If we think our programme can help you then we will invite you to attend. We will also contact your partner or ex-partner before you start, to offer her support as well.

What do the sessions cover?

The sessions are designed to help you end your abusive and controlling behaviour and build more respectful relationships and refer to different aspects of violence and control, and look at skills for better relationships and parenting. 

Can I have individual appointments instead?

Our experience is that groups work better at helping men to understand violent behaviour and change it.

What about other groups of people who are being abusive in their relationships?

Harbour has the knowledge and experience to offer interventions to women who are being abusive and young people being abusive to either parents or within intimate relationships but the availability of these programmes depends upon the funding available in each area. If these are issues for you, still contact us and we will try our best to identify a suitable service for you.